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(Oh, my name is Karen Russell.)

Hmmm, how do I fill up a whole ďabout meĒ page?
I love photography. I fell in love with it when I was seven years old after finding a hopechest full of B&W photos at my Grandmaís house.
I got my first camera in the fourth grade and Iíve had one ever since.

I have a degree in Dental Hygiene
(which certainly didnít prepare me much for my current career)
and havenít really pursued a career as a professional photographer because quite honestly, all I want to do is take pictures of my own family and all the little stuff that makes up our everyday lives.

And I could talk for days on end about photography if given the chance, which is precisely why I teach photography classes.

What else? I am a big fan of God.
Iím a scrapbooker and a lousy cook.
I dream of playing the piano and being an Olympic gymnast.
(Admittedly, I might have to give up that last dream.)
And someday, I want to drive an old, blue 49í Ford.

And, Iíve got a crazy, little blended-family of six;
Josh and our four kiddos, Ross, Cole, Courtney and Annie.

Theyíre why I take pictures.

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