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If you are having problems logging in, please try the following steps in the following order. For example, if Step 1 does not solve the problem, continue to Step 2:
  1. Make sure you are are using your email address to log in and not your username.
  2. Make sure you are logging in using the correct password. Passwords are case sensitive, for example, "password" is not the same as "Password." If you're unsure of your password, go to Step 3.
  3. If you know your email address but forgot your password, try to retrieve your password. If your email address is found your password will be emailed to you:
    email address:  
  4. Delete your internet cookies (on most computers go to Tools » Internet Options » Delete Cookies).
  5. Restart your computer.
  6. Try to log-in from a different computer to determine whether or not the problem is isolated to a specific computer.
  7. Note, if you are registered in multiple classes and one or more classes are not listed on your home page, please contact us with each of the email addresses and associated usernames so we can consolidate your classes under a single preferred email address..
  8. If all of the above fails, please contact us.

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